Family can be a hard thing to define. Some you were born with, some raised you, and some you choose along the way. Over the years, you've created memories and traditions. For four generations, Proraso has been one of those traditions. From the bathroom sink to your barbershop crew, we thank you for trusting us to be part of your ritual.

In that spirit, we asked our Proraso family to share some of those
cherished memories.

We're honored to present a few of our favorites here...

Gentleman John's Classic Barber Shop
Lynchburg, VA

"This picture is from this past spring. My Father and son went with me to a PGA Golf Tournament in Florida during Spring Break. It was great following my son as he hurried to watch his favorite golfers. My Dad and I had a blast watching him experience a pro golf tournament for his first time. Great memories were made in the quality time spent together. In this fast paced world I believe time spent is the most valuable asset. To spend that time with my Father and Son together was
very special!"

Photo of Proraso Master Barber Jared Hesse with three generations of his family.



Razors Barbershop & Shave Co.
Somerville & Cambridge, MA

"My dad is my hero. From my earliest memory, he has always been larger than life in my eyes. As I got older I realized there was good reason for that.
He is the hardest working, kindest, and most selfless person I’ve known. He is always encouraging me to be the best version of myself I can be. Helping me in my toughest moments with advice and perspective, and the first person to congratulate me on my personal achievements.
Throughout my life he has shared many things with me. Most notably would be our love for music. My dad grew up singing in his local church. As he grew older he followed his passion for music and started singing in local bands. He was always involved in music, even in to his 60s! This had a huge impact on me from the time I was a child. While I’m not as smooth of a vocalist as my father, it did drive me to start playing the guitar at 8 years old. We’ve even played a few shows together, and those are memories I’ll cherish forever."

Images of barber Andrew with is father playing music together

Team Proraso 

"My father is one of those guys who’s just good at everything.
Hit a beauty five-iron draw. Check.
Tie a perfect double Windsor. Check.
Fly a full Genoa in 20 knot winds. Check.
Get a good shave in river in Idaho. Check.
But more than all the fun or cool stuff I have watched him do, I have learned by watching him do the quiet things, too.
Give generously. Check.
 Put others before yourself. Check.
 Love your family, no matter what. Check.
 Fix what needs fixing. Check.
Now, as I watch him graduate from “Dad” of three boys into “Bumpa” of six grandchildren, I am grateful that he continues to show everyone around him what strength, kindness and love mean.
I am proud of him.
I am grateful to be his son.
Happy Father’s Day, Dad."

Photos of Team Proraso member John Hess and his father