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Proraso master barber shaving his client, circa 1949 (est.)

A Beautiful Italian Story

Founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, we’ve been setting trends in the shaving world for three generations. Proraso grows by Italy’s side.

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Since 1908

Comfort Zone

Barber Woody Lovell has been making his clients comfortable for years. Now at LA's The Barbershop Club he and therapist Ian Howard have an innovative approach to what's next in finding comfort during difficult times.


We asked some of our favorite barbers to introduce us to some of their favorite clients and talk about what’s important to them. From Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, Boston to New York City we heard stories from these barber and client duos that reaffirmed our core brand values of tradition, loyalty, respect, comfort, and trust. Now, we're proud to share them with you.

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Proraso's first line and still evergreen. A renewed formula that stands out for the quality of its ingredients. Refreshing and invigorating, it's suitable for all beard and skin types. With pleasant notes of Menthol and Eucalyptus. See the full line

After Shave Lotion: Refreshing Classic Formula $14.00

Pre-Shave Cream: Refreshing Classic Formula $13.00

Shaving Cream Tube: Refreshing Classic Formula $10.00

After Shave Balm: Refreshing Classic Formula $16.00

Shave Foam: Refreshing Classic Formula $9.00

Vintage Gino Tin: Refreshing Classic Formula $32.00

Pre-Shave Cream: Sensitive Skin Sensitive Formula $13.00

Shaving Cream Tube: Sensitive Skin Sensitive Formula $10.00

Shaving Foam: Sensitive Skin Sensitive Formula $9.00

After Shave Balm: Sensitive Skin Sensitive Formula $16.00

Vintage Toccasana Tin: Sensitive Skin Sensitive Formula $32.00

Pre-Shave Cream: Protective Protective Formula $13.00

Shaving Cream Tube: Protective Protective Formula $10.00

After Shave Balm: Protective Protective Formula $16.00

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5 Star Reviews

"I'm so fortunate to have found Proraso. Every product I've used so far is outstanding. I cannot shave now without using the Pre-Shave Cream. It's simply fantastic. These products have clearly built up a high level of quality over the many years. You really experience this. Tradition really does pay off!"

5 Star Reviews

"Simply awesome. Have been using the Proraso line for years and really enjoy the quality and exceptional shave I get. This line is a must try for anyone, amateur to experienced...results speak for themselves"

5 Star Reviews

"Proraso changed my life, for the better. I'm not kidding. I've tried a bunch of different preshave oils and creams and none had more than a mediocre effect on my face. Normally, when I'm done shaving my face looks like I had a really bad case of mumps but after the first time using Proraso my face was legit silky smooth."