Shaving Soap in a Bowl: Sensitive


Used with a shaving brush, Proraso Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin provides an ultra-creamy lather to prepare skin for a close shave without razor burn. The formula, ideal to help calm and prevent redness caused by shaving, is enriched with Oatmeal and Green Tea for a soothing and emollient effect, ideal for sensitive skin. Features just a hint of the light, fresh scent of lime and apple. Made with a special "hot soap" process, it's left to mature in small batches for 10 days, during which the moisture evaporates, and the product becomes solid and more concentrated -- perfect for a professional-quality shave with a brush.

• 91% of ingredients of natural origin

• Cruelty-free and no ingredients of animal origin

• No parabens, phthalates, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colors or SLS

• Made in Italy

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For sensitive and easily irritated skin, with extracts of green tea and oatmeal. It helps prevent redness and leaves the skin soft. With a delicate fruity fragrance of lime and apple.

Green Tea
oatmeal extract illustration Oatmeal


  1. Apply with a shave brush to damp skin; work up a rich lather.
  2. Use after applying pre-shave cream.
  3. Finish with Proraso After Shave Balm for sensitive skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I used the smaller packets of product such as Prorasco Pre-Shave, Shaving Creme and After Shave. After using some of each product a few times I am unsatisfied with the scent of the product'. However, the Prorasco Shaving Creme Soap in a bowl doesn't have much if any scent and that is OK. In the recent past I used Erasmic Shaving Soap in a bowl with an herbal scent which is fine.
I believe your product is fine I just prefer a different fragrance.

Best Shaving Soap

Been using the proraso sensitive shaving soap for about a 4 years now. I have psoriasis so my skin is prone to breakouts if I dont use a mild product for my skin.