There are traditions and lessons passed down from generation to generation that you never forget.
For four generations, Proraso has been proud to be one of those traditions.In that spirit, we asked our Proraso family of barbers to share some of those cherished memories....

Haar & Co. Barbershop
New York, New York 

"My father has never taken me fishing. He never taught me how to ride a bike, change a tire, mow a lawn, or use a drill. This is because these things are all foreign to him. 

My father is one of the most unique, sentimental, empathetic, funny, & loving fathers I’m fortunate enough to have. Born in the 1950s in Brooklyn, NY to holocaust survivor parents, my father was instilled with an equal combination of hard work ethic & strong self-deprecating humor from an early age. I have absorbed this work hard/play hard cocktail like a sponge. I worked NYC street fairs with him from the age of 9 to 19. As a kid, we’d go to movies ALL THE TIME. We’d take Summer trips to Disneyworld & the old Catskills region of upstate New York. There are a few images that encapsulate my father in action for me. I picture him taking running dives into a swimming pool, without feeling the temperature first. I think of the ever-present, big 1980s camcorder resting on his shoulder, taping everyone & everything. I think of his vast knowledge of pop trivia from the 20th century. I think of his inability to make it through a conversation with a complete stranger without inserting a joke. I think of him, the least vain person I know, standing in front of a bathroom mirror each morning picking out his afro. I picture him sacrificing time & money to be there when I needed my father. I learned that whatever you do in this life, make sure you love it, you have fun, & laugh as much as possible. "

2 Images of Proraso Master Barber Michael Haar and his father, first of a young Michael and his dad on vacation, second the two in front of his barbershop Haar & Co.

Garrett Michael
Salt Lake City, Utah
"I met the man who would raise me when I was 12 years old - I always wanted a Dad and my wish came true when my mom married "Jolly" Rick Rogers. I was his and he was mine, that's what he told me and there was no further discussion after that.  At 14 he taught me how to work for myself - he bought me a lawn mower and an old pickup truck called the Green Slime (I didn't even have a driver's license).   He taught me that it's okay to be nervous, and it's okay to be uncomfortable and that I can do anything a boy could do - I just have to work harder, smarter and to never quit.  After high school I sold the lawn business and put myself through college.   He was my first love as a little girl and the foundation of the business woman I am today.  My Father is a gift to be treasured."

Two photos of barber Dani with her dad, first image of them mowing the lawn together second at a formal event
The Barbershop Club
Los Angeles, California 

"I watched my children give you your last haircut.  

Your wrinkled skin is the hidden layer of knowledge and wisdom. The depth of your experience shows in your lack of hair. 

The sudden loss of my father-in-law has me revisiting the reason why I married my wife. I used to joke to my buddies about wanted to marry a woman that could chop wood, have babies and do everything I can do. Well, a woman like that has a father like her Dad. He built the house my wife was born in , and later raising her and sister as a single dad and then sending them off to college. He built over 50 homes in his community where he resided. He flew my kids out to see him every summer and winter for 14 years straight, and had a mother who lived over 100 years. You hear me often talking about redefining masculinity and what it means to be a man of today, Roy Rogers was that man. He will be missed. He can rest assured I will take care of his daughter for the rest of my life as I promised when I asked for her hand in marriage. 

Happy Father’s Day

Those who get two father figure in their lives are really fortunate. " 

Woody's father in law getting his head shaved by his two children, a young girl and boy


Razors Barbershop & Shave Co
Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts 

"Oreste “Rusty” Berriola was born in Naples, Italy, he is the father of 3 Mama’s boys with myself being in the middle. In an Italian home, everyone knows it’s the father that lays the bricks while the mother is the mortar that keeps the house from collapsing. When our mother passed away at the age of 44 it felt like the walls were caving in, but it was my father that picked up the pieces. His job was demanding and required lots of travel, he also had to maintain our home and make sure his kids had what they needed to survive while he was away. Though I was blind to it as a teen, I now understand how difficult it must have been for him to put aside his own pain so that it didn’t interfere with his responsibilities. If he fell apart, we all would. I hope I am never forced to be in that position, but if I am, I can only hope that I would be able to handle it as strong and selfless as he did. While my mom was only able to raise her boys for a short time, it was my father that raised them to become men. On behalf of my brothers and myself, we thank you, love you and happy Father’s Day."

Two images: vintage photo of Anthony's father in front of a building and Proraso Master Barber Anthony Berriola with his father sitting down to a meal outside