Happy Father's Day, from our family to yours

There are traditions and lessons passed down from generation to generation that you never forget. For four generations, Proraso has been proud to be one of those traditions.

In that spirit, we asked our Proraso family of barbers to share some of those cherished memories.

We are honored to present a few of our favorites here...

Photo of barber with his dad shaving his head outside

Thad Forrester
Hudson / Hawk Barber & Shop

"This was the last haircut I would ever give my dad. The man who raised me, shaped and molded me into the man I am today. Dad knew the end was close and wanted to make sure he looked sharp all the way to the end. Dad knew, you're only as good as your last haircut. Love you, dad. See you in Heaven."

. . . . . .

Two photos: barber Woody and his dad playing chess, image of Woody giving his young son a haircut who is sitting in a barber chair

Woody Lovell Jr
The Barber Shop Club
Los Angeles, CA

"I am truly a blessed man. This guy right here instilled in me at an early age what manhood was all about. Staying groomed and looking the part has always been a part of the family tradition. He would also say 'living with principles and morals will give you the foundation to achieve anything'". I don't come from a family of wealth by any means, but our pride is intact and in that we are rich. Happy Father's Day to all those men who stepped up and did their time."

 . . . . . .

Two images: Noah giving his son a kiss, second image Noah's young son play applying shave cream with a brush in the bathroom

Noah McGinnis
Operation Barber Company
Sevierville, TN

"My father has taught me so much about what it is to be a man. Especially how to persevere in difficult times. My wife and I recently have been down a difficult road of raising two young children, one of which is our daughter, who is special needs. These past almost-two years have been trying times, but also rewarding. My father has been one of the people there every step of the way."

 . . . . . .

Two images: Sheldon and his brother sitting on the lap of his dad, second image Sheldon shaving with a straight razor

Sheldon Marcelle
In-House Proraso Barber and Education Manager

"I remember watching my father shave in our bathroom as a child, and he'd say, 'boy...take your time and keep a steady hand'. I know that he meant that about a shave and about living life.

My father would have turned 100 years old just before this Father's Day; we lost him to Prostate Cancer a few years ago. He had a full life and learned and experienced so much along the way; he made sure to pass along all that he knew about life and living it well to my brother and me as we grew up.

The tools and the methodology that I use when it comes to shaving are his. The lessons of his life have made me into who I am as a man."

 . . . . . .

Proraso Master Barber Jared Hesse on a biking trail with his young son

Jared Hesse
Gentleman John's Classic Barber Shop
Lynchburg, VA

"I believe that maybe the most important thing to be lacking in our world today is fathers raising their sons. Time spent together is priceless. Through my time working in the barber business for the last 25 years, I’ve noticed an extreme lack of dads involved in boys' lives. Something as simple as a muddy bike ride can make a huge impact on a growing boy’s life. My son is 12 and we spend a lot of time together. I’m grateful to be given the responsibility of raising him to do the right thing and love his neighbor, see people for the created human beings they are, and treat all people equal. Every day is Father’s Day for me because I’m with my wife and kids every day and that is the most important thing to me."