collection; Beard Essentials Bundle for long or full beards
Beard Essentials Bundle for long or full beards
collection; Beard Essentials Bundle for long or full beards

Long Beard Essentials Bundle: Wood & Spice

This value bundle (a $52 value) includes the three daily essentials for growing and maintaining the healthiest, envy-inducing, full or long beard.
Shampoo every couple of days to remove dirt, debris, and odors. Massage in a few drops of Beard Oil to tame, smooth, nourish, and protect. And keep it all tamed with our signature Moustache and Beard Brush, using a combo of nylon and natural boar bristles.

Bundle includes: 

• Wood & Spice Beard Wash

• Wood & Spice Beard Oil

• Classic Wood-Handle Moustache and Beard Brush


• Priority given to ingredients of natural origin

• Cruelty-free 

• No parabens, phthalates, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colors or SLS

• Dermatalogically Tested

• Made in Italy 


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The enveloping warmth of fine woods, with a Cedar heart and notes of Rock Rose. The spicy scent of Cumin and Saffron mix with mildly sweet Vanilla. An intense and rewarding aromatic sensation gives a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Saffron and Vanilla


  1. Lather a couple pumps of Beard Wash into the beard, getting all the way down to the skin, and rinse.
  2. Massage a few drops of Beard Oil into the beard
  3. Brush using the Moustache and Beard Brush

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