collection; Short Beard Essentials Bundle
Short Beard Essentials Bundle
collection; Short Beard Essentials Bundle

Short Beard Essentials Bundle: Wood & Spice

This value bundle (a $52 value) includes the three daily essentials for growing a new beard or maintaining a short beard. 
Exfoliate away any dead skin every few days (or every day...whatever you find your skin and beard need) with the Exfoliating Beard Paste and Facial Scrub to clear the way for optimal growth. Massage in a few drops of Beard Balm to soften the hair, condition the skin, and ease any itch or irritation associated with new growth. And keep it healthy and growing in the right direction with our signature Moustache Brush, using a combo of nylon and natural boar bristles, perfect for moustache or beard.)

Bundle includes: 

• Exfoliating Beard Paste and Facial Scrub

• Wood & Spice Beard Balm

• Classic Wood-Handle Moustache and Beard Brush


• Priority given to ingredients of natural origin

• Cruelty-free 

• No parabens, phthalates, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colors or SLS

• Dermatalogically Tested

• Made in Italy 


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The enveloping warmth of fine woods, with a Cedar heart and notes of Rock Rose. The spicy scent of Cumin and Saffron mix with mildly sweet Vanilla. An intense and rewarding aromatic sensation gives a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Saffron and Vanilla


  1. Using circular motions, massage a dollop Beard Paste into the beard, ensuring you're getting all the way down to the skin. Rinse. 
  2. Massage a few drops of Beard Balm into the beard and skin
  3. Brush with the Moustache and Beard Brush

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