International Beauty Show - NY 3/2019

Proraso joined 65,000+ beauty professionals, and demonstrated the art of the Italian shave, at International Beauty Show's first dedicated Barber Shop.

Proraso set up at the tradeshow, various products set out for a barber to use during a shave.
Proraso Master Barber Michael Haar applying shave cream to a client who is reclining in a barber chair.
Proraso tradeshow set up with full line of products on shelving and brand posters decorating the walls.
Various Tenax products merchandised on the counter
Barber shaving the edges of a mans beard who has shaving cream on his face reclined in a barber chair
Large printed sign telling the story of Proraso's history
Barber combing a man's beard who is sitting in a barber chair