Time to upgrade your razor game? If you're thinking about switching to a single blade, Master Barber Michael Haar of Haar & Co. Barbershop has some advice.

Proraso Master Barber Michael Haar in front of his barbershop Haar & Co.

If one is looking to get into using a single blade, as a way to step up their shaving routine, I’d always recommended starting with a double edge (DE) safety razor. That’s one rectangular blade with an edge on each side. Typically, you’ll get a couple of shaves per side, depending on how often you shave. This is a great way to ease into the single-blade world.

Man holding a double edge safety razor

This type of razor would benefit any guy that grows a heavy beard. The thicker the facial hair growth, the better it is to shave with a single blade, reducing the chances of ingrown hairs & irritation.

Man shaving his face with shaving cream on and a double edge safety razor
The biggest adjustment you’ll need to account for is that this is a “fixed” head razor, meaning you can’t just, blindly wave the razor up and down your face like a multi-cartridge razor that contorts, automatically to the curves of your face. Take your time. The blade should be positioned at a 30 degree angle as you shave. You’ll use your non-shaving hand to stretch the skin, keeping it taught. Gently stretching the skin allows the hair to be “lifted” in order for the single razor to glide across the skin whilst shaving.  
Man shaving the edges of his beard with shaving cream on and double edged safety razor

Of course, the products you choose to use are just as important as the blade itself. Using a proper "Before-During-After" 3-step system -- Pre-Shave Cream, Shaving Cream, and After Shave -- is critical to getting the closest, most professional shave at home.

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